Meeting the Unique Goals of Commercial Clients

Seashell Painting LLC of Harrington, DE, can provide a fresh look to your business, office, or other commercial property.

We understand that when any renovation happens inside or outside of a business, it can affect the day-to-day operation of the company. Our team will always work hard to minimize any business disruption, so you don't need to worry about any distractions. 

Do you have a unique work schedule that might not fit the "normal" 9-5? Not a problem! We will try our best to work on a schedule that is best for YOU, and have the project completed on-time to perfection.

Our Clients

With many years in the business, we have worked with several different types of properties including churches, condominiums and complexes, offices, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, schools, bowling alleys, and so much more.

We can work on projects for HOAs, property management companies, municipalities, private entrepreneurs, and major corporations.

Historical Preservation

Our team has been fortunate to work with the local and state government on historical and antique properties around Delaware. We truly understand the importance of preserving our past and celebrating our architectural history.

We aim to keep all historical elements intact, while making structures safe and bringing them up to 21st century standards.

Contact us at 302-398-4993 or 302-664-1660 to learn more about our commercial painting services.